Terrell Person is a 5'9" 165 under the radar DB. He attends Marist High School in Bayonne,NJ. Terrell Person was sidelined his Junior year due to Injury. Still racking up 28 tackles 6 sacks and a few forced fumbles while only playing two games. Person als
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Quarterback Maurice Dunn is a returning starter for the Royal Knights of Marist. He stands in at 5'11 and a good 165 pounds with very quick feet and long arms. Mr. Dunn has been playing Varisty for Marist for 4 years so I'm picking him to be my under the radar player in hudson county this year. He has a good target wideout in Otis Best who lacks speed but boy o boy can this kid catch. Dunn also has a very good o-line and two good running backs  should prove to be better than last year. I pick Maurice because he knows what it is like being in the spotlight and being around talented players such as Jawan Carson, Terrell Person, and Robert Welch.  Who all where seniors when Moe was at Quarterback. Dunn is a smoove  with his feet and always keeps his eyes down the filed. Dunn needs to work on two things his touch on the ball and learning when to take a big hit and slide away from contact. Marist season is on Maurice back and if he can stay healthy tey will go very far.


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